Stockton & District Motor Club - SG Petch Tour of Hamsterley Historic Rally 2014

Final Stage Times in Position Order to ATC4

Car Cls Crew123 Penalty Total Cls
11D5Matt Edwards/ Kim Baker3:118:038:4620:0011
1D5Nick Elliott/ Dave Price2:578:108:5520:0222
2D5Matthew Robinson/ Sam Collis3:018:088:5320:0233
8D4Owen Murphy/ James O brien3:038:269:0020:2914
4KJason Tauber Pritchard/ Phil Clarke3:038:289:0220:3315
3D5Richard Hill/ Steffan Evans3:038:319:1020:4446
5D5Meirion Evans/ Iwan Jones3:048:469:0020:5057
7KDarren Moon/ Tim Sayer3:138:349:0420:5128
6KTomas Davies/ Carl Williamson3:098:389:2121:0839
10D5Tim Pearcey/ Alan Walker3:098:419:1921:09610
15D5Tim Freeman/ Paul Wakeley3:118:369:2521:12711
14C5David Stokes/ Guy Weaver3:078:489:2321:18112
17D5James Potter/ Bob Duck3:068:469:2821:20813
21C5Warren Philliskirk/ Nigel Hutchinson3:168:509:2521:31214
16D5Gareth Lloyd/ Dorian Evans3:108:599:2821:37915
27D3Adrian Young/ Gwynfor Jones3:199:199:1121:49116
20D5Phil Squires/ Mick Squires3:118:589:5522:041017
9D5Terry Brown/ Den Golding3:139:039:4922:051118
29C3TERRY CREE/ RICHARD SHORES3:249:119:4422:19119
30C3David Kirby/ Tom Hutchins3:219:149:5222:27220
33C3Simon Pickering/ Colin Jenkins3:209:109:5822:28321
38D3Mike Reed/ Joe Sturdy3:229:229:4922:33222
31KTom Coughtrie/ Calvin Cooledge3:189:1710:0522:40423
53C2Robin Shuttleworth/ Ronnie Roughead3:279:219:5722:45124
55D2Chris Skill/ Glenn Hall3:189:2310:1022:51125
18D5Richard Lane/ Frank Richer5:008:549:2523:191226
34D5Nick Jarvis/ craig thorley3:329:3910:1523:261327
43D3John Baker/ Ian Jones3:269:4510:1623:27328
51B4Graham Waite/ Gill Cotton3:349:3210:2223:28129
25C4Jeremy Easson/ Mike Reynolds3:249:169:491:0023:29130
Car 25 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at TC4
40C3Phil Jobson/ Arwel Jenkins3:289:3410:3423:36431
52B4Simon Wallis/ Graham Wride3:299:3910:3023:38232
57C2Paul May/ Daniel May3:389:4510:2023:43233
39D5Keith Stones/ Dave Boyes3:309:5910:1823:471434
41D3Dave Forrest/ Charlie Carter3:349:5310:2323:50435
61B3Peter Stimson/ Graham Wild3:359:5010:3223:57136
19D5Jerry Bailey/ Graham Lacey3:1611:009:4924:051537
67D2david hopkins/ Tony Vart3:399:5010:4324:12238
50B2Ray Cunningham/ Gary McElhinney3:3110:2610:2024:17139
56B2Ross Forde/ Arron Forde3:429:5610:4024:18240
60B5Paul Mankin/ Peter Scott3:429:5810:3824:18141
64D2Keith Davison/ Henry Richardson3:4110:1811:0325:02342
63C2Stuart Cariss/ Linda Cariss3:4410:4710:4325:14343
66B4John Everard / Mark Sharpley3:4510:2611:1925:30344
37D3John Nicholson/ Peter Littlefield3:5210:3711:2825:57545
65B2Paul Kendrick/ Anton Bird4:0010:5011:3926:29346
12D5jason lepley/ Howard Pridmore3:0614:479:2527:181647
62D2Pip Coulson/ John McNichol4:0112:0911:2527:35448
32D5Andrew Robinson/ Kevin Wilson3:3413:5010:2327:471749
71B1Stephen Higgins/ Don Bramfoot4:0811:3512:3428:17150
35D3Paul Fry/ Mike Steele3:219:1817:5330:32651
44C4Duncan Pearcey/ Fred Roberts5:0012:2113:1630:37252
These Competitors have only reached SF3
23C3Peter Smith/ Patrick Walsh3:229:079:4222:11553
54B4Bob Bean/ Malcolm Smithson3:289:3610:2523:29454
70B2Colin Forster/ Chris Sheridan4:0511:2512:0227:32455

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Redford 1
2.54 miles
Stage 2
Kings Crag 1
7.39 miles
Stage 3
Strawberry Bank
8.94 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 26th April 2014 at 5:13pm BST

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